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Turf and Landscape - Attendant

Auburn, AL, USA

Student Employment

Job Type



  • Currently enrolled student of Auburn University

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0

  • Must obtain and maintain a current CPR/First Aid/AED certification.

Job Duties

  • Monitor designated areas of the Sportsplex to ensure safety and well-being during participation

  • Follow established work zone rotations to accomplish assigned tasks throughout the Sportsplex and IM Fields

  • Clean Sportsplex equipment to provide a safe area

  • Act as a first responder for health and weather-related emergencies

  • Complete cleaning and inventory duties as delegated by the supervisor

  • Maintain all turf and landscape areas as directed by the supervisor

  • Maintain all turf and landscape equipment as directed by the supervisor

  • Ensure Sportsplex and IM Fields ready for use, check for the safety of playing venues and equipment readiness; prepare as necessary

  • Ensure all equipment is safe and secured at the end of the night

  • Coordinate emergency and evacuation procedures that include care for the injured, start of the emergency action plan, and the notification of appropriate university and community authorities.

  • Perform routine field care and assist setup of intramural and sports club fields

  • Be ready to work and prepare setup for external events

  • Work with Campus Recreation Competitive Sports staff, intramural staff and events Staff setup and takedown for assigned events and program offerings.

  • Must to able to work flexible hours including early mornings, evenings, weekdays, and weekends.

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