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Marketing - Specialist

Auburn, AL, USA

Student Employment

Creates professional-level work in the areas of graphic design, photography, videography, podcasting, blogging, and social media. Supports Campus Recreation programs and services through promotion, experiential marketing, and signature events.

Job Type



  • Currently enrolled student of Auburn University

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0

  • Must obtain and maintain a current CPR/First Aid/AED certification.

Job Duties

  • Write/edit social media posts, promotional copy, video/audio scripts, news releases, and blog posts ( Participate in brainstorming meetings, conduct interviews, schedule photography, create website posts, and may train/mentor other writers.

  • Design digital artwork for Campus Recreation programs and services including flyers, signage (print and digital), social media, apparel, promotional items, displays, and the web. May train/mentor other graphic designers.

  • Photograph and edit high-quality photos for Campus Recreation programs, services, and events. Prepare photography for use in social media, print, digital signage, and the web. May schedule, plan, shoot and edit editorial photography for the Campus Recreation health and wellness blog, May train/mentor other photographers.

  • Produce, video, and edit high-quality videography of Campus Recreation programs, services, and events. Produce and edit videos for promotion, social media, digital signage, and the web. Write scripts, coordinate talent, schedule video shoots, and present final work for approval. Regular assignments include REConnect with the Rec (a monthly VLOG), 'Round The Rec (a biweekly video segment featuring students in The Rec), and various promotional videos and special projects as assigned. May train/mentor other videographers.

  • Curate or write and schedule approximately 150-200 social media posts per month, (on four active social channels) including Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Requires great attention to detail including changes in dates, times, location, etc. May train/mentor other social media specialists.

  • Create engaging experiences for members and potential members using games, activities, freebies, and special events to promote Campus Recreation programs and services. May train/mentor other marketing students.

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