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Competitive Sports - Specialist

Auburn, AL, USA

Student Employment

Referees intramural sports games and provides risk management functions for home club sport games.

Job Type



  • Currently enrolled student of Auburn University

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0

Job Duties

Game/Practice Management

  • Ensure officials conduct pre-game procedures, including captains’ meetings and participant eligibility verifications; assist in verifications based on electronic team rosters when necessary

  • Enforce established policies relating to inactive participants and spectators at multiple playing venues

  • Mediate between teams and officials for rule interpretation requests, conflicts, and altercations that arise during the game for multiple playing venues, requesting manager input when necessary

  • Finalize, submit, and verify all scorecards; input final score, sportsmanship rating, and winner into IM Leagues when assigned

  • Provide verbal and written feedback to intramural officials via evaluations

  • Ensure all policies and procedures are followed during club practices and games

  • Greet club game officials and participants to provide hospitality for an event

  • Complete injury and incident reports immediately following injuries or incidents

Field/Equipment Maintenance

  • Ensure indoor and outdoor courts and fields are set up for gameplay, checking for safety of playing venues and equipment readiness; prepare as necessary

  • Ensure that all equipment is safe and secured at the end of the night

  • Coordinate emergency and evacuation procedures that include care for injured, the start of the emergency action plan, and the notification of appropriate university and community authorities.

  • Perform routine field lining and setup of intramural and sport club fields

Officiate Games

  • Officiate intramural sports contests, both independently and as part of an officiating crew, enforce the rules of each game and ensure participation takes place in a safe manner.

  • Understand all game rules, including the spirit of the rules

  • Ensure participants wear proper attire and equipment according to the established game rules

  • Utilize whistle, proper officiating mechanics, and strong voice to demonstrate confidence and control of gameplay

  • Handle on-site disputes involving player conflicts and rule interpretations to help prevent potential problems

  • Finalize and submit all scorecards to appropriate staff at the end of each shift

  • Apply feedback given during officials’ evaluations to improve performance

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