Payroll Deduction Form

Payroll Deduction Form Submission

Any eligible faculty or staff member should complete this payroll deduction form to obtain a membership to the Recreation and Wellness Center. 

After the form is submitted, someone will contact you with "next steps." 

Please allow 24-hours for your membership to become active. If you wish to visit the center prior to activation, please see a representative at our Welcome Desk. 


This form should only be completed by the full-time faculty/staff member of Auburn University seeking membership to the Recreation and Wellness Center for themselves, and/or a spouse/partner. This form negates any previous form submitted by the employee member and this new payroll deduction form will be processed by Payroll and Employee Benefits. The total deduction on this form at the time of submission will be reflected on your monthly paycheck.

Example: If you are currently a member under a Silver Membership for $25 per month and want to add your spouse/partner, you must still include your membership option information as well as your spouse/partner's in order for your payroll deduction amount to be correct. All previous forms will be replaced by this one.

A charge will appear on your pay stub as an after tax deduction. If your current payroll deposit has insufficient funds to cover your deduction, the remainder must be paid via Visa/MC or Discover.

Membership Deduction

This deduction will automatically renew unless the RWC is notified 60 days prior to the end of the commitment period. Termination of membership does not release the employee from the obligation to pay an outstanding balance.

Faculty/Staff Locker

Currently male faculty/staff lockers are sold out. Lockers are available in the female executive locker room. If you wish to purchase an executive locker (female only), please make the appropriate selection above.


Where Do You Want To Go?


Only Auburn University employee members OR potential members should complete this form.

Any changes in membership options will change the dollar amount that is payroll deducted from the employee's paycheck. This deduction form is comprehensive and should always inlcude the member and spouse/partner (if applicable) membership information when making changes.