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Trips and Clinics

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Programs are open to currently enrolled students and members of Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. For all programs that require registration, you may register online or visit the Auburn Outdoors, located in the downstairs breezeway at the Recreation and Wellness Center.

Unless Auburn Outdoors cancels the program, all fees are non-refundable or transferrable. All pre-trip meetings are mandatory. Pre-trip meetings are held at Auburn Outdoors.

For free programs that require registration: There is a $10 cancellation fee assessed if you do not show without corresponding with Auburn Outdoors. See individual programs for details. 

Rating System

The following is a 5 tiered rating system that includes general descriptions of 5 levels of difficulties. Certain trips with low technical skill ratings and very high levels of physical requirements could be rated the same as a trip with very high technical skills and a very low physical requirement, so always be sure to inquire as to the specifics of the activity you are participating in. These are general descriptions of the 5 levels and may differ when applied to specific activities.

Level 1 - This activity requires low levels of physical conditioning and no specific experience is necessary, technical skills are not necessary. 
Level 2 - Good physical conditioning is necessary, little experience is required, and little technical knowledge is necessary.
Level 3 - Good physical conditioning is required, some experience is recommended, and some technical knowledge is highly recommended.
Level 4 - Good physical condition is required, specific experience is required, and technical proficiency is highly recommended.
Level 5 - Excellent physical conditioning is required, proficiency in specific technical skill is required, and prior experience is a necessity.

Trips and Workshops

Plan your next adventure with Auburn Outdoors! Choose from afternoon trips, day trips, weekenders and extended experiences in paddling, biking, hiking, and more!