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Auburn’s Best Game-Day Traditions

Now that we are back to full capacity in the stadium, many memories of normal game days have flooded my thoughts—including Auburn game-day traditions. These are a few of my favorites.

Tiger Walk

2 hours before kick-off

Meet the football team at Tiger Walk, as the team walks from their parked charter busses at West Samford Ave. and South Donahue Dr. to the stadium. The band plays at the beginning and end of the walk and it’s a great time for fans to gather and show their support for the team. If you’re lucky, you might even get an enthusiastic high-five from a coach or team member.

Four Corners

1 hour 15 minutes before kick-off

Four Corners is when the band and cheerleaders meet from all over campus at the intersection of South Donahue and Heisman Drive for the fans to sing along with all the classic Auburn cheers and songs.

Eagle Flight

About 20 minutes before kick-off

Watch Auburn’s War Eagle take flight from the northeastern side of the stadium to the middle of the field right before Pregame. It’s a spine-tingling experience to hear the whole stadium roar “Waaaaaaaaar Eagle!” and yell “Hey!” as the eagle lands.


About 15 minutes before kick-off

One of the most energetic times of game-day is pregame and my personal favorite time of the day. The cheerleaders get the students excited with some Auburn cheers and then get ready to strike up the band! The Auburn University Marching Band will run out of the tunnel doing the jog and then proceed to perform their pregame show— a tradition since 2004 that includes all of the classic Auburn tunes.


Alma Mater


After every game, the band plays the alma mater, and the students and alum sing along. It’s always so nice that no matter the result of the game, the Auburn Family can come together and sing the alma mater.

Toomer’s Corner


Did you know it snows in Auburn? After every Auburn win, everyone swarms to Toomer’s Corner to roll the trees with toilet paper. Rolling Toomer’s is a classic Auburn tradition every student needs to experience.

After an entire year of restrictions, I am so excited for everyone to get to experience some more of the traditions that are “uniquely Auburn.”

Be well, Auburn.


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