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Group Fitness

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Poolside Yoga is Free this August / September

Located on the pool deck. Poolside Yoga utilizes poses or “asanas” that will enhance your overall strength, balance, stability, and flexibility. Guided breathing instruction and a “final relaxation” at the end of class will leave you feeling centered and peaceful. Wear regular fitness attire. Class will be relocated to the Mind/Body room in the event of inclement weather.

See schedule for details.

Aqua Bootcamp is Free this Fall

High Intensity interval workout using kickboards, hand buoys, and gymsticks in the water. Aqua Bootcamp is high energy, low impact, and an effective workout for all fitness levels.

See schedule for details.

Aqua Barre is Free this Fall

Aqua Barre is a ballet inspired athletic conditioning class which utilizes the water for resistance. Mixing elements of traditional aqua classes, ballet barre, Pilates, dance, yoga, and functional training. This fun workout is for anyone who wants to increase cardiovascular and muscular endurance along with core stability and strength.

See schedule for details.

Meditation is Free this Fall

Located in the Mind/Body room. Meditation, Mindfulness, and Relaxation is a mind and body practice that increases calmness and physical relaxation, improves psychological balance, and enhances overall health and well-being. Cultivate peace, focus, and acceptance in your life by practicing meditation and mindfulness. No experience necessary-only comfortable clothing and an open mind.

See schedule for details.

About Us

Group fitness classes provide an encouraging and safe environment for participants of any skill level. The classes are led by certified instructors and filled with students, faculty, and staff from the university. The wide variety of classes ensures something for everyone. 

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