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Group Fitness

What is Group Fitness?

Group fitness classes provide a high energy workout experience that is perfect for all skill levels. Students can come together and exercise as one. We offer over 100 classes a week in over 30 different formats ranging from fast paces cycling, zumba, and HIIT classes to the relaxing and restoarative yoga and meditation classes. With everything in between, there's a group fitness class for everyone!

What We Offer

Free for Fall 2019

  • Meditation
  • All Aqua classes

Free for November

  • Dance Fit

For an updated Group Fitness schedule on the go, get our app from the App Store or on Google Play! Search "Auburn Campus Rec" to download.

Where Do You Want To Go?

Hire an Instructor

Want to have an instructor come and teach a class for you and your group? Contact our team at for details.

Cost: $50

Includes: 1-2 instructors who will come to your event to teach a non-equipment based format of your choice.

Class Feedback

Group Fitness wants to hear from you! Follow the link and take a brief survery about our group fitness program!

Group Fitness Feedback