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New Class Formats Coming This Fall!

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Sing, Stomp, Stamina

Sing Stomp Stamina builds confidence, coordination, and choreography in preparation for spring exhibitions.  Join your "sisters" to develop strength, endurance, power, flexibility and agility with the Greek community. Anyone can join the fun and experience the challenge of meshing music and movement. 

Yoga for Climbers 

Yoga that specifically targets muscles involved in climbing.  This class blends two program areas-- Group Fitness and Auburn Outdoors. Join Felipe Casafranco who has expertise in both program areas for an exciting, skill-building class. 

Mindful Mondays

Mindfulness is defined learning to be aware and pay full attention to the present moment.  In a life full of distractions, both physical and mental, mindfulness trains individuals to experience their lives in a moment-to-moment basis and not to be lost in worrying about the future or being stuck thinking about the past.  In the Mindful Mondays group, Eric incorporates guided meditations which teach students to be able to focus on their physical experience, moment-to-moment thoughts, and emotions.  Meditations include stillness, movement, light Yoga, and eating.  Research has shown that some benefits of the practice of mindfulness meditation include lower levels of stress, greater ability to concentrate, increased relaxation, improvement in mood, decreased levels of chronic pain, and improved sleep.  

About Us

Group fitness classes provide an encouraging and safe environment for participants of any skill level. The classes are led by certified instructors and filled with students, faculty, and staff from the university. The wide variety of classes ensures something for everyone. Get detailed descriptions and course availability here on our website. 

For an updated Group Fitness schedule, get our app from the App Store and on Google Play! Search "Auburn Campus Rec" to download. 

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We want to keep it simple! Purchase your Group Fit Pass for an entire year and Save $50! Monthly Pass: $15, Semester Pass: $50, Annual Pass: $100.

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