Custom Bg

Policies and Procedures



Acceptable attire is the same as the Recreation and Wellness Center facility. 


Bags, Headphones, Food, and Drinks

Bags, food, ammonia inhalants, and drinks without lids are strictly prohibited inside the lifting area. Day-use lockers will be provided for members. 

Music will be played in the lifting area, so headphones are allowed but discouraged while performing the main Olympic lifts. 


Cancel A Reservation

  1. Sign in to RWC Connect

  2. At the very top click on your username (next to Campus Recreation and Sign Out)

  3. Scroll down to Court Reservations and select cancellation option next to the time you wish to cancel.


Cancellation Policy

You are allowed to cancel your reservation time slot without penalty up to 12 p.m. the day of the reservation.  If you late cancel, arrive over 15 minutes late, or do not show for your reservation you will face a penalty. 

  1. For the first offense you will be given a written warning. 
  2. Second offense will result in a loss of ability to use the space for two weeks. 
  3. The third offense will result in a loss of ability to use the space for the remainder of the semester. 



Chalk is provided for performing lifts, however must be controlled to minimize mess and cleaned up following your training.  Cleaning kits will be provided for members to clean their area of any chalk or other residue before exiting the facility.  Misuse of this may result in us losing our chalk privileges in the facility. 


Facility Use

This area is not to be used for extensive warm ups or cool downs, please perform these in the main gym.  

Members are responsible for making sure they leave their lifting space clean and organized before leaving the facility. 

Respect your peers’ time when reserving and using this space. 



There are no guests allowed in the facility. 



Failure to abide by our weightlifting rules and regulations may result in your loss of use of the space indefinitely.  Any misconduct reported will be handled by our professional staff to determine the correct course of action.  


Orientation Schedule

Orientations take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Reserve your orientation time here.


Rack Reservations

You may reserve a rack and bar with one other person for 30, 60, or 90 minutes.

Only one person is able to formally reserve a rack online, however if two members are working out together, they will need to check in together at the front desk. 

Reservations can be made seven days in advance. Each member is limited to three reservations per week (four beginning Summer of 2018).  If member cancels one session and another session is open, they may sign up for that time, but must cancel original reservation before noon on the day of the original reservation. 

Reservations must be made on RWC Connect.


Rental Equipment

Some equipment will be available to check out at our front desk.  This will include; lifting belts, straps, mini bands, and boards for bench press.  You are allowed and encouraged to bring your own accessory equipment.  If you are unsure if it will be allowed, please check with a professional team member. 


Stacking Weight Plates

Stacking weight plates to elevate pulling height is strictly prohibited.  CrossFit-style touch and go lifts, and workouts for time are strictly prohibited.