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Providence Canyon Backcountry Loop

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Date: 11/1/2017 9:51 am
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Providence Canyon, or “Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon” was created by early settlers’ poor farming practices. Through the process of erosion, this blunder has developed into one of the most unique backpacking destinations in the Southeast. Designated as a state park in 1971, the park is only an hour and twenty minutes away from Auburn and has a 7-mile loop with abundant camping. Perfect for a quick backpacking getaway!

Distance: 7 Miles

Location: Providence Canyon State Park, Lumpkin Georgia

Terrain: Steep canyon walls reminiscent of the great Southwest transitioning into a typical Southeastern forest.

Hiking Pace: Hiking pace will vary from 1-2 miles per hour based on terrain, plan accordingly!

Fees: It costs $5/day to park at Providence Canyon State Park, and a backcountry reservation is $10/night.

Water Availability

The trail passes over a few creeks. These creeks are not guaranteed to have water, and any water obtained from these creeks should be filtered or treated for drinking. If you don’t know how to treat your water, we’ve got some tips for you. Make sure you bring at least two water bottles and take advantage of the water fountains at the park headquarters to fill up before you head out!


One person in your group must reserve a backcountry campsite ($10/night). The reservation is not for a specific campsite, so you may camp at any of the six camping areas in the park. Call (229)-838-6870 to make reservations, or visit

Directions to Trailhead

Google maps search ‘Providence Canyon State Park’. The trailhead is at the visitor’s center, which is at the end of the parking lot.


We’ve put together a packing list specific to this trip, ask us about it!

Menu Planning

Check out our Menu Planning Tips!


This is the state park trail map and description. Make sure you have this!

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