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Fiery Gizzard Trail

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Date: 11/1/2017 9:27 am
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This gorgeous hike follows Fiery Gizzard Creek, which allegedly earned its name when Davy Crockett burned his tongue on a hot turkey gizzard while camping and spat it into the creek. Look for cascading waterfalls, stunning rock formations, and spectacular views of the creek. 

Distance: 12.5 miles one way (Shuttle system needed). A 10 mile loop is also an option (Fiery Gizzard to Dog Hole Trail).

Location: South Cumberland State Park, Tracy City to Fosters Falls

Terrain: Difficult.

Hiking Pace: Hiking pace will vary from 1-2 miles per hour based on terrain, plan accordingly! This hike contains some very difficult sections, including a boulder field and a steep climb up to Raven’s Point Overlook.

Fees: $8/night for a campsite, one time $5 reservation fee.

Water Availability

The trail passes follows the Fiery Gizzard Creek and crosses over waterfalls. Water must be properly filtered/treated before drinking! Check with us if you have any questions, and check with the South Cumberland Park Rangers station before your trip regarding water availability at specific locations.


Backcountry campsites must be reserved ($8/night with a one time $5 reservation fee). Visit to make campsite reservations. The Raven’s Point Campsite has recently closed, so plan accordingly.

Directions to Trailhead

Google maps search “Fiery Gizzard Trailhead.” It will be in the Grundy Forest State Natural Area.


We’ve put together a packing list specific to this trip, ask us about it! 

Menu Planning

Check out our Menu Planning Tips!


Plan on stopping by the South Cumberland State Park for maps and updated trail information

Check out REI’s online video collection for some neat pro tips!