FAQ - Personal Training

What are the personal training (PT) hours for fall?
Monday- Friday 12-6 p.m.

Where will training sessions be held? 
PT will only be conducted in the personal training space.

Are face coverings required?
Face coverings should be worn while entering, exiting, and moving about common areas of the facility. Limited oxygen during physical activity increases heart rate, perceived exhaustion, and should be considered by all members. We do not recommend high-intensity exercise while wearing a face covering. Some research indicates that wearing a face covering may be unsafe for those who suffer from cardiovascular disease, COPD, trouble breathing, or any other type of heart or lung disease. 

    Are day-use lockers available in the PT space? 
    Lockers are not currently available in the PT space. 

    What services are currently being offered by PT?
    One-one-one personal training sessions are being offered during fall semester. Some assessments, testing, semi-personal, and group training are temporarily suspended until further notice. 

    What cleaning protocols are in place? 
    All equipment and high-touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected prior to opening, closing, and throughout the day.

    For a complete list of personal training services, visit the Personal Training web page