FAQ - Group Fitness

What classes are currently being offered? 
Available classes may be found at RWC Connect or on the Campus Recreation app (search "Auburn Rec" in The App Store or on Google Play).

  1. 35 in-person classes per day (Mon.-Friday) offered in the MAC Gym or in the Tiger Room. Register on RWC Connect.
  2. 28 live workouts (via Zoom/Vimeo). Register on RWC Connect. 
  3. Members may also access 20+ free workouts at operation-recreation.com

Who can participate in classes?  ​
All members with an active Class Pass can participate in group fitness classes during fall semester. Demo Days is Aug. 17-23. All classes are free during Demo Days and no registration is required. 

After the conclusion of Demo Days, registration is required for in-person and live classes (via Zoom). For virtual classes (via Zoom), the link and password will be emailed to participants after registration on RWC Connect or the app.

How will regular (in-person) classes work? 

Social distancing protocols will be observed in the MAC Gym and Tiger room for regular (in-person) classes. 8 participant bikes will be available in the MAC Gym for cycling classes. 14 participants will be allowed in the Tiger Room for classes such as Yoga, Butts & Guts, and more.

Are masks required during Group Fitness classes? 
Masks are required when entering/exiting and moving about common spaces in the facility. Masks are not required during a group fitness workout. Some masks are suitable for physical activity. Members choosing to wear a mask and exercise, should "listen to their bodies" and reduce intensity as necessary. *Please see information regarding masks below. 

Do I have to register for classes - in-person or virtual?  ​
Yes. The registration process has not changed. For virtual classes (via Zoom), links and passwords are emailed to all participants after registration. Class Passes are not required at this time.

Can I attend a live class if I just show up and do not register? 
Yes, but we prefer you register in advance​ due to limited space. If space is available, the instructor will add you to the roster if you have not registered in advance.

*Face coverings are required when entering, exiting, and moving about any Campus Recreation facility. The CDC recommends wearing a face covering during indoor, low-intensity exercise. 

Limited oxygen during physical activity, increases heart rate and perceived exhaustion and should be considered by all members. We do not recommend high-intensity exercise while wearing a face covering. Some research indicates that wearing a face covering may be unsafe for those who suffer from cardiovascular disease, COPD, trouble breathing, or any other type of heart or lung disease. Precautions should also be taken by members who have been sedentary during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Recreation and Wellness Center members voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and the observance of university guidelines while participating in high-intensity exercise.