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Outdoor Facilities

The SportsPlex

This project includes the construction of additional softball, and multi-use lacrosse/rugby/soccer fields to provide more capacity for outdoor intramural and club sports. 

The completion of the SportsPlex in spring 2020 is the culmination of Campus Recreation’s long-term goal to expand the Intramural Field complex. The existing facility was constructed in 1979 when Auburn University student enrollment was approximately 18,000. The complex consists of 15 acres on Biggio Drive.

Since that time, student enrollment at Auburn has increased to over 25,000 students without any increase in recreational field space on campus. Fields are heavily utilized by over 10,000 participants and more than 1,000 intramural and club sports teams annually. The lack of adequate outdoor field space has limited the expansion of student sports and recreation programs for many years.

The new SportsPlex and current intramural fields expand offerings for club and intramural sports and provide state-of-the-art facilities for intercollegiate competition, tournaments, and special events.

We are excited for the opportunities the new facility and field space make available to Auburn students and look forward to expanding our programs and services to better serve the campus community.

Intramural Fields

More than 15 acres of green space provide Auburn University students with the opportunity for informal recreation, organized team activities, or a chance to just enjoy the view. Club and Intramural Sports are played year-round at the lighted fields which are located next to the Jane B. Moore Softball Complex.

Tennis and Pickelball Courts

Serve up the action by utilizing one of 11 tennis courts or 8 pickleball courts located on Thatch and Hemlock. Courts are currently under construction and will available soon!

Sand Volleyball Court

Bump, set, and spike your way to fun with the newest outdoor option to Campus Recreation. The sand volleyball court, located just outside the Recreation and Wellness Center by The Village student resident halls, offers students a chance to soak up the sun while serving up an ace.