Instructor Trainer

Job Description

Essential Functions                        

  • Oversee the development and progression of novice instructors in a specific format                                    
  • Assign mentors for the trainees                               
  • Communicate with the professional staff on trainee progress and development
  • Communicate with mentors and trainees on development of trainees’ skills                                
  • Test out trainees at the end of the training                     
  • Evaluate new instructors in their specific format

Job Expectations

  • Plan and communicate format training materials, allowing time for the professional staff to review
  • Report trainees’ progress regularly to the professional staff, mentors, and trainees 
  • Is a consistent role model for professionalism in Group Fitness instruction and conduct                                 
  • Schedule additional meeting times with mentors and the professional staff for collaboration and class preparation

General Schedule

This position will be scheduled to work 4-5 hour shift arranged collaboratively between the trainer and the trainees.  This position is available Fall semester only.  An average of 5 hours per week is required, with a maximum of 10 hours.

Job Requirements

  • Must have worked in Group Fitness Instructor role at the Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center for at least three semesters, demonstrating consistent quality performance
  • Currently enrolled student of Auburn University
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • Must obtain and maintain a current CPR/First Aid/AED certification

Physical Requirements

  • Physically capable of leading a fitness class as is appropriate for the format.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Hold a nationally accredited Group Fitness Instructor certification and/or a specialty certification
  • Must have worked in Group Fitness Instructor role at the Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center for at least six semesters, demonstrating consistent quality performance
  • Capable of teaching multiple fitness formats

Note: Compensation based on certifications/experience. 

Location Group Fitness 
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