Job Description

Essential Functions

  • Greet members and guests in a cheerful and welcoming manner to create and maintain an atmosphere that cultivates long-term participation
  • Provide an entertaining and educational tour to all interested guests, highlighting the facility’s features and offered programs.  Approach all tours with excitement to share your Auburn story.
  • Troubleshoot facility access issues by verifying member access and appropriate membership status
  • Provide access to members wishing to utilize the one-time Forgot ID access; document in Fusion software
  • Sell guest and group fit passes and locker and towel services to members using Fusion point of sale and credit card terminals
  • Follow position rotations prescribed by Membership Supervisors, including maintenance, greeter, desk position and turnstile area
  • Clean lobby, staircase, and mezzanine level lobby areas and furnishings with provided cleaning supplies
  • Direct member traffic in turnstile area, educating members on correct card swipe and turnstile use
  • Check and restock supplies in Faculty/Staff Locker Rooms and mezzanine level bathrooms
  • Receive and document lost and found items, return and document claimed items to owners, and process items for short and long term storage
  • Assist with locker cleanout on a semesterly basis, including cleaning, processing contents, resetting combinations, and reporting maintenance issues

Job Expectations

  • Use Membership Bulletin platform to stay informed of all facility closures, amended hours, program updates, staffing changes, and special visitors and tours
  • Utilize When to Work to communicate work availability to supervisors and co-workers
  • Arrive promptly for shifts, dressed in provided uniforms, presenting a professional appearance and enthusiastic team attitude
  • Attend all mandatory in-services and trainings
  • Follow procedures set forth in the employee handbook, as well as all departmental and university policies

General Schedule

This position will be scheduled to work 2-4 hour shifts Monday – Thursday 5:00am – 12:15am, Fridays 5:00am – 9:15pm, Saturdays 9:45am – 9:15pm, and Sundays 11:45am – 10:15pm. This position is available Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters with hours available for work during semester and holiday breaks.  A minimum of 10 hours per week is expected, with a maximum of 20 hours.  

Job Requirements

  • Currently enrolled student of Auburn University
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • Must obtain and maintain a current CPR/First Aid/AED certification.
  • Complete Securing the Human training within one week of email notification (annually)
  • Possess some customer service experience
  • An outgoing person willing to engage with a diverse membership population

Physical Requirements

Position requires ability to stand for 15 minute segments a well as standing while on the computer, walking through the facility for maintenance shifts and going up and down stairs.

Location Membership 
Compensation $8.25-$12 
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