Student Jobs at Campus Recreation


Location Job Title Description
Aquatics Lifeguard Ensure safety of all members by preventing and responding to incidents and emergencies at the Campus Recreation outdoor leisure pool, and providing quality customer service.
Auburn Outdoors Attendant Responsible for assisting members at the Outdoor Rental Shop and Climbing Wall. Will assist members by renting outdoor recreational equipment, preparing for safe outdoor outings, and supervising climbing at the wall.
Auburn Outdoors Climbing Wall Technician Responsible for the safety of operations, teaching climbing workshops, route setting, and inspections of equipment at the Campus Recreation Climbing Wall.
Auburn Outdoors Bike Technician Responsible for maintenance of the bicycle rental fleet and instruction of basic maintenance skills to members.
Auburn Outdoors Manager Responsible for assisting the professional staff in running normal operations in the Climbing Wall, Bike Shop, Rental Shop and Trip Program, with an emphasis on training staff members and developing Auburn Outdoors.
Competitive Sports Supervisor Responsible for overseeing all aspects of competitive sports programming and the assigned playing venues, supervising all staff present and enforcing all policies and procedures.
Competitive Sports Assistant Responsible for the daily operations of the competitive sports program by officiating intramural sports, providing support to multiple playing venues, officials, and equipment during intramural sport contests and club sport practices and games.
Facilities Facility Supervisor Facilitates the day to day operations of the RWC and its programs by overseeing safety, customer service, and procedure adherence while providing guidance and leadership to all student staff on shift.
Facilities Facility Attendant Responsible for monitoring facility access in the Rec & Wellness Center, ensuring safety and cleanliness of fitness equipment, recreation areas, and walkways while providing excellent customer service and enforcing department policies.
Facilities Operations Supervisor Maintain the formal operations of the RWC by monitoring and enforcing policies, attending weekly meetings, providing logistics for events, and support for all program areas.
Facilities Turf and Landscape Attendant Responsible for monitoring Sportsplex and IM Fields, ensuring safety and cleanliness of equipment, recreation areas, and walkways, while providing excellent customer service and enforcing department policies. Mowing, trimming, and maintaining grass, and other duties assigned by the Campus Recreation Turf and Landscape Manager.
Group Fitness Program Assistant Acts as a liaison between the professional staff and the student instructor staff by assisting with daily operations, communication, and Group Fitness events.
Group Fitness Instructor Lead effective and safe fitness classes for the AU Group Fit pass holders while building rapport with members and ensuring a positive class experience.
Group Fitness Instructor Trainer An advanced position for experienced, certified instructors with an aptitude to train new instructors in a specific AU format. Trainers prepare materials, facilitate the 4-5 hour intensive AU format training, mentor, and evaluate novice instructors.
Marketing Marketing Assistant Performs high-level marketing tasks in the areas of social media, graphic design, copy writing/editing, videography, photography, experiential marketing, and web design.
Marketing Marketing Manager Carries out high-level team responsibilities for marketing strategies, tasking/assignments, mentoring, creative direction, and meeting deadlines for specific areas of responsibility with Team Marketing (ex. social media platforms, experiential marketing, graphic design, photography, and videography).
Membership Membership Manager Serves as a liaison between the professional staff and student staff members through scheduling and assisting with training.
Membership Membership Specialist Serves as the face of the Recreation and Wellness Center, greeting incoming members and guests, leading tour groups through the facility, and providing quality customer care using their knowledge of all available memberships and services.
Membership Membership Supervisor Responsible for selling all memberships to new members and directing other membership staff to ensure quality customer care through scheduled tours and greeting of members.
Olympic/Powerlifting (OPL) Facility Attendant (OPL) Responsible for monitoring facility access to the Olympic and Powerlifting facility while ensuring student safety and facility cleanliness.  Ensure facility policies and procedures are being followed by all members.    
Personal Training Personal Training Lead In addition to providing clients with a safe and effective exercise program, this position will utilize their practical experience and leadership skills to mentor and develop fellow personal trainers.
Personal Training Personal Trainer Responsible for providing clients with a safe and effective exercise program. In addition to safety, the primary duty of the trainer is to motivate, encourage and assist each client in attaining his/her personal fitness goals, as well as improve upon their current fitness level.