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Climbing Facilities


Three different climbing areas are available to explore within the new Recreation and Wellness Center. A 50-foot climbing structure allows climbers to experience two different indoor wall textures. Natural climbing features are incorporated to allow climbers to get a "real" experience from indoor climbing. There is also a bouldering cave, and an outdoor freestanding boulder positioned on a terrace overlooking the pool.

The climbing wall is the envy of the SEC. The climbing wall touts two separate free-standing towers that converge to include almost 5000 square feet of climbable surface.  Additionally, there are over 20 top ropes set up, two auto belays, two natural crack features, and multiple lead climbing routes. Two separate bouldering areas are available for members, with over 1200 additional square feet of climbing surface. Lastly, there is a 20-foot climbing wall that towers over the outdoor pool, which is available for climbing ten months out of the year.