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Be Well is a blogazine written for students, by students to entertain and
inform the Auburn University community about all things health and
  • Loving Yourself Before You Love Someone Else - Abbey C. shares her personal relationship experience and what she learned. She talks about clashing personalities, second chances, communication, breakups, and growth.
  • Save the Ocean Straws - We sat down with two Auburn students to talk about their paper straw business, the inspiration behind it, and the future they hope to see with it.
  • More Energy, Minus the Coffee - We all love our morning cup of joe, but it’s fun to shake things up sometimes. Check out these tasty substitutes.
  • Finals Week as Told by Game of Thrones - Finals week is rough, but so is life in Westeros. Get through your finals by commiserating with everyone’s favorite (and least favorite) Game of Thrones characters.
  • Dog-Friendly Auburn Hotspots - Looking for a new hangout for you and your furry friend? Check out this list of our favorite dog-friendly restaurants in Auburn.