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Be Well is a blogazine written for students, by students to entertain and
inform the Auburn University community about all things health and
The 6 Best Climbing Spots in Alabama
Whether you have mastered Auburn Outdoors’ climbing towers and bouldering cave, or just dabble in some routes and problems, venturing out into the climbing world can be a great experience. Here's where to go.
Sneak These Veggies in Your Smoothie
Trying to incorporate more veggies into your diet? Sneak them into your smoothie! Shh…don’t tell yourself…you’ll never know.
"Dig In" to These Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Bites
Do healthy, easy-to-make recipes that taste delicious sound good to you? Welcome to “Dig In,” a brand-new, recipe-based video series produced by Auburn Campus Recreation. Today’s creation: Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Bites
Don't Give Your Warmup the Cold Shoulder: Traps, Rhomboids and Deltoids.
Here are three exercises that will promote safe and effective transitions into loading an overhead exercise, like the shoulder press.
How I'm Celebrating Mother's Day a Little Differently This Year
You’ve probably seen a few different “Open Letter to My Mom on Mother’s Day” articles floating around on your Facebook timeline, and that’s great — appreciating the women in our lives is important. But I've got a better way to celebrate this Mother's Day.
Mindfulness: Advice from a Group Fitness Pro
If the word ‘meditation’ freaks you out, fear no more! I sat down with Group Fitness Coordinator and mindfulness enthusiast, Lisa Padgett, to get her tips for starting your mindfulness journey.
When I'm Gone: Where These Auburn Seniors Are Headed Next
We asked what the future holds for these soon-to-be Auburn graduates. From NYC to Southeast Asia and Birmingham, read on to see if these students' post-graduation plans hit home.
To Sleep or Not to Sleep: An Analysis on All-Nighters
If you find yourself having to pull an all-nighter, here’s how to do it right... 
Hello May!
Congratulations on another year at Auburn! We finally made it to summer, time to sit back, take a break and relax.
A Note of Encouragement for Finals Week
Why must we pull an all-nighter to feel properly prepared for #FinalsWeek? Whatever your unique “why,” it should be the "big-picture" that drives your study habits. Whatever your end goal, write it down and save it. Take a picture of it and set it as your lock screen for the week. Hang it on your mirror, or put it on a sticky note on your laptop. Finals only last one week, and you'll be one step closer to achieving that thing you are here for in the first place.