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Fitness Assessments

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Comprehensive Fitness Appraisal

Before beginning an exercise program, a Comprehensive Fitness Appraisal (MicroFit® Complete Fitness & Wellness Profile will be conducted to provide a baseline of your current fitness level. The results of these tests, along with the development of personal fitness goals, will help us design a safe, effective and individualized fitness program for you. The MicroFit® fitness Profile includes tests to determine resting heart rate, blood pressure, body composition, aerobic capacity, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and power. Purchase your Comprehensive Fitness Appraisal

Skinfold Body Composition (7-site)

The purpose of this assessment is to determine the percentage of body fat by measuring skinfold thickness. This measurement is taken via a 7-site skinfold (that is gender specific) in order to measure the subcutaneous fat (below the skin) in the body. Multiple sites are analyzed given the variability in fat distribution from site-to-site and person-to-person. Purchase your Skinfold Body Composition

Bioelectrical Impedance (BIA) 

BIA is a method of determining body composition by passing a small electrical current through the body and measuring the impedance or resistance to the current flow. A BIA (Tanita) scale is used to estimate your Weight, Body Fat Percentage, Body Mass Index, Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass, Basal Metabolic Rate, Total Body Water, and Hydration Level. Purchase your Bioelectrical Impedence (BIA)

Where Do You Want To Go?

There are no additional reassessment fees for current clients for the following services:

  • MicroFit® Fitness & Wellness Profile
  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Reassessments will be conducted during a scheduled personal training session.