FAQ - Auburn Outdoors (COVID-19)

Will Auburn Outdoors be open this fall?
Currently the Rental Center and Bike Shop are open Mon.-Friday, from 2-6 p.m. Please call ahead (334-844-0027). 

Will Auburn Outdoors offer outdoor trips?
No trips or workshops are scheduled at this time. 

Will the Climbing Wall be open this summer?
The climbing wall is not currently open. Any changes will be announced prior to fall semester. 

What will be available to rent from Auburn Outdoors this summer?
Members may rent any and all equipment available from Auburn Outdoors, but will be unable to try gear on prior to rental. 

What will the Bike shop hours and operations look like this summer?
The Bike Shop in Auburn Outdoors will be open to one member at a time. Hours of operation are Mon.-Friday, 2-6 p.m. Please call ahead (334-844-0027). 

How do I know the gear I rent is clean? 
To ensure member safety, gear will be cleaned according to CDC guidelines, along with manufacturer recommendations. In addition to strict cleaning protocols, Auburn Outdoors will implement a 4-day waiting period before that same gear may be rented to another member.